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Dean of Department of Nursing, Yonsei University Eui   Geum,  Oh

Welcome to Brain Korea 21 FOUR(BK21 FOUR) of Yonsei University College of Nursing. We appreciate your interest in the Brain Korea 21 FOUR global nurse scientist training program, or “BK21” for short.

Yonsei University College of Nursing, driven by the Christian spirit of truth, freedom, and love, has been contributing to the global health society by cultivating nursing leaders through the best education and research at home and abroad for the past 115 years. With the opening of Korea's first graduate school master's degree program (1963), doctoral degree program (1978), and professional nurse program (2002), as of 2021, our university trained nursing leaders, including 660 masters graduates, 410 doctors, and 720 nursing specialists.

Based on our know-how of nurturing nursing scientists and capability to fulfill social expectations for nursing professions, our program was selected as part of the BK21 FOUR project, receiving support from the Ministry of Education for a total of 7 years starting in 2020. Thus, I am very pleased to be able to advance the nurturing of nursing talent who will continue to contribute to future society.

The projects undertaken by the S-L.E.A.P Global Nurse Scientist Program are part of our proactive response to the future health care environment, which will be shaped by the 4th Industrial Revolution technology. To prepare for the future, we are training nursing scientists who will create a safer and healthier society. To that end, graduate students who participate in the BK21 FOUR project will be reborn as more creative and outstanding nursing talent through innovative, future-oriented education and research programs.

We ask for your continued support and interest in the BK21 FOUR project, a new leap forward in Yonsei University's College of Nursing. Thank you.

Director of the Global Nurse Scientist Program JuHee  Lee

The "S-L.E.A.P. Global Nurse Scientist Program", submitted by the Department of Nursing at the Graduate School of Yonsei University for the global nurse scientist training project (Science Technology Field), was selected to be part of the BK21 FOUR project

It has shown once again that the “S-L.E.A.P. Global Nurse Scientist Program” is the best nursing educational institution in the field of education and has the best research capabilities in Korea.

The S-L.E.A.P. Global Nurse Scientist Program is scheduled to operate for the next 7 years with the professors who have achieved excellent research results through grants from the government.

Research grants, given to master's and doctoral students and researchers, enable them to put greater focus on their research.

With the goal of fostering creativity and challenge, and cultivating global talent through innovative education and convergence research, our team will do our best to become a world-class research-led nursing college that will lead the health society in the future.

We appreciate you watching our team's growth, as well as your continued support.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all the people involved for their contributions, and to the graduate students and professors participating in the project.

Thank you.